6th Grade

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Christ Our Life: God Calls a People

  • Old Testament
  • God Reveals a Plan of Love
  • God Forms a Family of Faith
  • God Guides the Chosen People
  • God Leads the Chosen People
  • Prophets Prepare the Lord’s Way

California Collections, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

  • Collections reading and writing program helps prepare 21st century learners
  •  Individualized vocabulary program through Membean
  • Accelerated Reader Program — Personalized goals for independent reading practice
  • Descriptive Writing, Argumentative Writing, Response to Reading, Essay Question Response, Informative Writing, Summary Writing

Course 1 Mathematics Common Core, Prentice Hall

  • Number Properties and Decimals
  • Expressions and Equations
  • Number Theory
  • Fraction Operations
  • Ratios and Percent
  • Integers and Rational Numbers
  • The Coordinate Plane
  • Geometry and Measurement
  • Data and Graphs

Ancient Civilizations:  Prentice Hall

  • The Beginnings of Humankind
  • The Ancient Middle East:  Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Judaism
  • Ancient India:  Indus Valley Civilizations, Hinduism, and Buddhism
  • Ancient China:  Rise of Civilization, Chinese Society and Thought, Empires of China
  • Ancient Greece:  Rise of the City-states, Aegan World, Athens and Sparta, Mythology
  • Ancient Rome:  Roman Republic, Christianity, Roman Achievements



Students in middle school develop an understanding of key concepts through hands-on lab experiences to help them make sense of earth science. The NGSS performance expectations in earth science blend the core ideas with scientific and engineering practices as well as crosscutting concepts to support students in developing usable knowledge to explain real-world phenomena in scientific terms. In the earth sciences, NGSS performance expectations at the middle school level focus on students developing an understanding of several scientific practices. These include developing and using models, planning and conducting investigations, analyzing and interpreting data, using mathematical and computational thinking, constructing explanations, integrating technology and research-based projects to demonstrate an understanding of the core ideas. Students are also expected to demonstrate an understanding of several engineering practices including design and evaluation.

There are three earth science disciplinary core ideas in middle school:

  • Earth’s Place in the Universe
  • Earth’s Systems
  • Earth and Human Activity


A science fair project is a unique way for students to pose questions for which they must seek out answers and to satisfy their own curiosity about the world around them. A science fair project is an experiment, a demonstration, a research effort, a collection of scientific items, or display of scientific apparatus presented for viewing. It represents the efforts of a student’s investigation into some area of interest and provides a way for the student to share the results of those investigations. Through the development of a science fair project, students gain a first-hand


  • Laguna Beach Library
  • Montage Back of the House Tour
  • Spelling Bee at JSerra
  • Medievil Times (Social Studies)
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe parish celebration (Religion)
  •  Crystal Cove- Inside the Outdoors (Science)
  • Class Retreat (Religion)
  • 6th grade Science Camp
  • Fermentation Farm (Science)
  • Class Act to Segerstrom (Music)
  • Movement skills and Movement Knowledge
  • Self-image and Personal Development
  • Social Development
  • Team – building
  • Sports
  • Physical Fitness (assessment and concepts)
  • Dance
  • Self -Responsibility


  • Boys Flag Football
  • Boys Basketball
  • Boys Volleyball
  • Describe how balance is effectively used in a work of art (e.g., symmetrical, asymmetrical, radial).
  • Use various observational drawing skills to depict a variety of subject matter
  • Apply the rules of two-point perspective in creating a thematic work of art
  • Create a drawing, using varying tints, shades, and intensities
  • Use Technology to create an original work of art

Art Projects in Sixth Grade Include:

  • Self Portrait silhouette mandala with iPads
  • Acrylic traditional value studies of pumpkins with shade, shadow and tint and tone.
  • Egyptian Pyramids in Clay or Egyptian Sarcophagus in Clay
  • Morphed Animal creation animal fantasy
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe fabric prints
  • Students apply vocal and instrumental musical skills in performing a varied repertoire of music
  • Students read, notate, listen to, analyze, and describe music
  • Listen to, describe, and perform music of various styles from a variety of cultures
  • Explain how various aspects of music can convey mood or emotion
  • Understanding the historical contributions and cultural dimensions of music
  • School-wide participation in the Pacific Symphony Class Act program
  • Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship — Online Safety, Cyberbullying, Copyright, Social Networking
  • One-to-One iPads


Week of 3/16/20-3/20/20


Read your own AR book each night.

Monday 3/16/20- 

– 15 minutes of membean due Friday

– Remember to do your Reader’s Notebook Entry for Friday.

Tuesday  3/1720

Wednesday 3/18/20 –


Thursday 3/19/20 

– Do classwork assignment -KWL- on google classroom for ELA

Reader’s Notebook due Fri.

Friday 3/20/20 –  

Please note: Science homework is found under Academics, 6th, Science. Math and Social Studies use google classroom.