As a Catholic academic community, we recognize the family as the primary educator of its children and we strive to enhance and support their efforts. With Jesus Christ as our model, we nourish the continuing growth and development of the students’ understanding of the Catholic faith.

We respect each other’s dignity and manifest a concern for one another in the ongoing process of education. Saint Catherine of Siena Parish School provides an atmosphere of acceptance where a child does not fear making mistakes and can grow through a variety of experiences. We celebrate the uniqueness of each child’s God given talents, intellectual abilities and learning styles by providing diverse opportunities to use and share these gifts.

We believe Catholic understanding is developed through knowledge of the Gospel and integrating the message into daily life. Witnessing the message of Christ is the responsibility of the entire school community.

SAINT CATHERINE PARISH SCHOOL strives to meet the educational needs of each learner, foster curiosity and encourage respect for all of God’s creation by making students stewards of their environment and their place within it. As facilitators of learning, the faculty develops a curriculum which enables students to become lifelong learners, problem solvers, and critical thinkers who can work collaboratively with one another. As a result, each child is prepared to lead a faith-filled and productive life as a contributing member of the global society.