Annual Fund

Dear Family and Friends,

As we say farewell to 2019, we look forward to the abundant blessings the new year promises. This year, in lieu of the Gala and Golf Tournament, our only fundraisers are the Jog-a-thon and the Annual Campaign.

The Saint Catherine of Siena Parish School Annual Campaign is absolutely essential to our fundraising, as it is a must for all aspects of our school’s operating budget. Our school functions as its own entity responsible for all expenses to include teacher and staff salaries, school technology, tuition assistance, maintenance for our facilities, and costs to maintain the level of academic opportunities provided to our students- all far beyond what tuition alone can provideTherefore, we hope to convey the absolute necessity of this Annual Campaign for our school. Time is of the essence and the time to donate is now!  We need 100% participation and we have set a 30-day period to reach our goal of $150,000. No gift is too big or too small and it will require everyone to look deep into their hearts and discern their level of giving.

               In the spirit of Saint Catherine of Siena, we need your financial assistance so our students can continue to “set the world on fire.”

While we remain very mindful of every expense, we carefully steward each resource to maximize our programs and expenditures. We research cost effective solutions by teaming with other schools for field trips, however, we remain in a deficit wishing to provide additional levels of educational tools for our students.

Saint Catherine of Siena Parish School has held steadfast to its core values as a faith-based community. Our school family encompasses our students, families, teachers, staff, and parishioners. TOGETHER we can accomplish these goals and support our Catholic community.
We strive to instill a love of God and inspire the commitment to lifelong learning, and we pray that you will support us so that we may continue our tradition of excellence.

                 We are very proud of our past and look forward to a very promising future! A future that will shine brightly with your assistance.

We ask that you please consider making a contribution and help us to continue educating our students with the strong academics and enrichment classes our students deserve.
You may never know how profound your impact is on our school, but we assure you we are immensely grateful for your generosity and every student is touched by your donation.

May God Bless you and your families!!!!

Dr. Jennifer Maan                                        Fr. Patrick Rudolph
         Principal                                                      Pastor