Consultative School Board

School Boards, more than ever, are essential to sustain Catholic schools and to provide the energy, resourcefulness and dedication to address the challenges of our time. The Saint Catherine of Siena Parish Consultative School Board was established to assist the Principal and ultimately the Pastor by providing advice and counsel particularly in the following areas:

1. Strategic Planning

A. To assist in formulating strategic goals for the long-term direction of the school.
B. To assist in formulating the objectives and action plans for the strategic goals.

2. Policy Formulation

A. To provide advice and counsel with regard to policies in areas determined by the pastor and principal.

3. Financial Planning and Financial Management

A. To provide advice and counsel with regard to long-range financial planning, annual budget development, budget monitoring and financial reporting.
B. To review tuition rates and fundraising policies

4. Institutional Advancement/Development

A. To provide advice and counsel with regard to the establishment and maintenance of comprehensive programs of institutional advancement and to enhance the image, enrollment and financial viability of the school.
B. To help develop and support all major fundraisers and school events

5. Marketing/Communications

A. To provide advice and counsel with regard to communicating school policies and activities to the various school constituencies.
B. To develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to retain existing families as well as recruit new families.

6. Evaluation of policies, plans, mission effectiveness and Board self-evaluation.

The Consultative School Board has no authority for formulating policies separate from the pastor and principal. The Parish School Board does not have responsibility for determining the amount of parish funds in support of the school and has no responsibility with regard to school staff/personnel or students.

Saint Catherine of Siena Parish School Board Members 2018-2019

Father Ken Schmit, Pastor*
Dr. Jennifer Mann, Principal*
Brad Berberian, President*
Brad Berberian, Finance Chair
Kelly Renezeder, Development Chair
Megan Meihaus, Marketing Chair
Sara Niebuhr, Parent Teacher Guild President
Amy Connelly, Curriculum Chair
Brandon Curran, Technology Chair
TBD, Strategic Planning Chair
TBD, Facilities Chair
*Executive Committee Members