Welcome to Middle School Science! Lessons are aligned to the CA Next Generation Science Standards.
6th Grade Week of October 21: Unit 2:  Investigating Extreme Weather:  Extreme Weather Forecast Project.  Due: Tuesday, October 22nd.  We are wrapping up this unit and will move on to Unit 3: Climates.
7th Grade Week of October 21: Unit 2: Cells and Cell Theory Continue learning about Cells; looking at cells as a system.  Cell Analogy Project.  Due Monday, October 21st.  We will move on to studying microbes.
During minimum days this week 6th and 7th graders will spend their time in the Innovation Lab.
This week will be our last News Summary assignment. DOGO News Science Article Summary is assigned on a Monday and due the following Monday.  Summaries are worth 10 points each, two points will be taken off for each day a summary is turned in late.
Write a minimum of 8 sentences summarizing a Dogo News Science Article. Students may use a Google doc and share with me, or they may use a pencil and paper and share it with me.  Either way is fine.
Web Links
Google Classroom
Dogo News:
Students will be able to join Newslea once given a join code.
Glogster:  Multimedia Posters