Welcome to Middle School Science! Lessons are aligned to the CA Next Generation Science Standards.

6th Grade Week of January 13th:

Unit: Earth’s Place in the Universe/ Eclipse Station Labs/Solar and Lunar Eclipse

This unit is about the Earth’s place in our solar system and in the larger universe.  The anchor phenomenon for this unit is “Where are we in space, and how do we know?

Homework:  Any unfinished classwork. STEAM writing project due Friday, January 17th.


7th Grade Week of January 6:  Earth Systems

The Earth Systems unit opens with a lesson that introduces students to one of the great Earth science phenomena: the Grand Canyon.  The goal of this unit is to develop a big-picture understanding of Earth’s processes. We will also explore the smallest tangible part of Earth’s systems: rocks. And explore; earthquakes, fault lines, and volcanoes. 7th Homework: Grand Canyon Mini Research Project Due Wed, January 15th

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