Welcome to Middle School Science! Lessons are aligned to the CA Next Generation Science Standards

 Science Curriculum:  Impact Science aligned with CA NGSS. All units are developed around anchor phenomena.

6th Grade Units; Weather, Climate, Earth Systems, Natural Resources, Human Impact, STEAM Projects

7th Grade Units; Cells, Traits and Survival, Earth Sytems, Respiration and Photosynthesis, Ecology, STEAM Projects

6th Grade Week of March 9th:

Unit: Earth’s Place in the Universe/ PBL: Design a Mars Colony

This unit is about the Earth’s place in our solar system and in the larger universe.  The anchor phenomenon for this unit is “Where are we in space, and how do we know?”

7th Grade Week of March 9th:  Unit: Traits and Survival/Endangered Species Public Service Announcement and Infographic 

The anchor phenomenon for this unit is to understand how species become endangered and what we can do about it. Students will be assigned an endangered species and will learn all about this species: traits that are genetic and non-genetic, the traits it needs for survival and reproduction, and the environmental factors that play a role in the lives of these species. By understanding how traits and the environment influence the survival and reproduction of their species, students will begin to understand why the species are endangered and hopefully what can be done to protect them.

The anchor phenomenon for this unit is “Why are some species endangered, and what can we do about it?”

6th and 7th Grade Students use Google Classroom; students can view assignments and supplemental materials.

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