SAINT CATHERINE OF SIENA PARISH SCHOOL families, parishioners, alumni and friends are invaluable in helping us assist families touched by difficulties. The Sponsor-A-Student program directly supports families and students  who otherwise would find it challenging to afford a Catholic education. Currently, 25% of our students receive financial aid. Donations to this program allow St. Catherine of Siena Parish School to offer greater financial support for students at our school that are in need.

We make an effort to accept all students and families, regardless of financial need. Your contribution will enable more families in our parish and local community to benefit from the high-quality, Catholic education offered at St. Catherine of Siena Parish School.

Your generosity could help make the difference for children in need in our community who dream of a Catholic education. This gift can be considered an investment in the future and the next generation, whether it covers the cost of educating a student for a year, a month or even a week.

In addition, many businesses offer matching grants for employees who make donations. Ask your employer if they will match your contribution to St. Catherine of Siena Parish School.

Funding 1 year of school for a student: 10,000

Funding 1 month of school for a student: 1,000

Funding 1 week of school for a student: 250