Volunteer Opportunities

Be a Volunteer!

Be a part of your student’s learning experience by supporting the school. SAINT CATHERINE OF SIENA PARISH SCHOOL requires that each family provide service to the school in order to contain costs while strengthening the school environment in which a partnership exists between the school and the families.

Each family is required to donate 40 hours of their time to the school year. In recognition that some families may not be able to donate their time, three options are available:

  • Paying tuition in full by July 1st
  • Service Hour Buy-Out payment receive by July 1st
  • Perform 40 hours of service to the school by April 1st

In order to secure and maintain a safe environment for our students, Saint Catherine School and the Diocese of Orange has set a series of procedures in place that each adult must comply with in order to volunteer.

  • Fingerprinting (Live Scan) through the Diocese of Orange
  • Safe Environment Training through CMG Connect, the Diocese of Orange training hub
How to get involved?
  • School Board Member
  • Parent Association member
  • Servicing as room parent
  • Volunteer in the classroom
  • Lunchtime playground supervision
  • Drive or chaperon on a field trip
  • Chairing a school event