Volunteer Opportunities

Be a Volunteer!

As a school we are very fortunate to have families that donate their time to assist with school events, classroom
tasks, fundraisers, and in many more areas. Each family is required to volunteer 40 hours of their time or they can
“buy out” of this requirement. In order for us to keep track of volunteer services hours completed by families we
are requesting that each time a volunteer completes service hours that they fill out the new VSH Verification Form
and obtain a signature from the person they are working with at the school. This can be any staff or faculty person
as well as a parent committee chairs. Once the form is completed and a signature is obtained the volunteer is to
bring the completed form to the front office for processing. Please note that we are initiating deadlines for
submissions. Volunteer hours completed between July and December must be in the office no later than
December 31st. Volunteer hours completed between January and April must be in the office no later than April
30th. Hours that are scheduled to work between May and June can be estimated so that the volunteer receives
credit for the hours and we can process their time in April.